Friday, December 9, 2011

Pretty Addictions

Pretty Addiction...I order this package and fell in LOVE! The color's are so beautiful and they last all day! She has Blushes, Eyeshadow, and so much more! Kas is a wonderful woman who runs an amzing buiness! Im very happy with what i got from her! The way she packed the package, was so beautiful! She write's in a card, and has her cheeta bags it all come in!
I was so pleased with everything! I also won in a little game and got some other sample's! The way she packs everything up is so cool. Like she is so creative and never stops amazing me! ill post the link to her page on facebook!!

here is a look i did with my color's from Pretty Addictions!

love these color's<3

Monday, October 17, 2011

JuJubeads Jewelry!

I would like to thank Juli from jujubeads jewelry, I became a promoter for her a few days ago!

 I got my first package this pasted friday! I totally loved everything she sent! I got four eyeshadow pigments, one lip blam, two ear cuffs and a pair of earrings! The ear cuff's are so cute and you don't even feel them on. The lip blam smells so good and after a few hours you can still smell it!

 Amazing! The eyeshadows ate so beautiful, you don't need much at all! They last, I mean like all day!
 I've had so many people ask about all of them!
 I made sure to give them Jujubeads Jewelry's webpage, and page on Facebook!!

 I'm so super excited she picked me, I'm gonna give it my all!

Please follow me on here, the twitter @Zaylorsmom, on facebook my makeup page (please like) Pretty Megan Lady

 and on YouTube (missmeganlbaby)! Thank you have a good day and don't forget to go check out Jujubeads Jewelry!! (:
here are some looks i did with Jujubeads Jewelry & cosmetics!

will update NEW as soon as i Get my new package's in the mail!!! I love JUJUBEADS!!!