Friday, May 25, 2012

Abigail Boutique Designs

Hello my beautiful people! Its me Pretty Lady Megan coming to you to tell you about Abigail Boutique Designs :)

To start off I am a promoter for Robyn at Abigail Boutique Designs. I started off with makeup truly hard when I entered her smurf contest a while back lol. Ill post a picture of my entry!

Abigail Boutique Designs doesn't only have beautiful makeup (eyeshadows, glosses ect....) She has soy candles, little girls hair bows, over the top bows, dresses, out fits for mommy & daughter, she has Jewelry. She pretty much has it all!

I've gotten some amazing makeup from her and also beautiful things for my daughter on the way! Im so very happy I came across Robyn's page! I've meet a lot of great people and have amazing fans on my page! Im loving the makeup world and being apart of Abigail Boutique Designs is only gonna make me better!!!

Here's her facebook ;

Her website;

And my facebook;

Please like both, check us out! Shop like crazy at Abigail Boutique Designs :)

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